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While I was in high school contemplating a career path, chiropractic was one of the options I was considering. Because I was living in the Silicon Valley at the time, I chose technology instead. I spent my college years in Dallas and Austin working in the IT field while completing my degree. My life then took an unexpected turn as I suffered a traumatic brain injury. The road to recovery was difficult but I was able to persevere with the help of great doctors, therapists, and my family. It was then that I decided to give up technology and “give” back as I entered chiropractic school.


I started my chiropractic school journey in 2010. Fortunately, I was in the perfect time and place to meet my amazing wife Dr. Kim as I was her “student” doctor at the time. Fast forward to today and 4 beautiful kids later, I must say that I am truly blessed. Being in a position that I can help my patients live a healthy and pain free lifestyle is extremely rewarding. I believe that the body can heal itself naturally without the use of drugs or surgery for most musculoskeletal issues. For those that are afraid of the chiropractic adjustment, I also have a license to perform chiropractic acupuncture as well.


My life outside of the office is even more rewarding than my life in the office. My family and I love traveling, trying new cuisines, and experiencing every single facet of life we can. I am an avid golfer and honestly believe I missed my calling. So now I will be living vicariously through my kids as I hope one of them can fulfill their own dreams of being a professional golfer one day.

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My journey to chiropractic has been a long and adventurous one, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and lived there for 21 years. After graduating high school I attended Our Lady of Holy Cross College to start my career in nursing school. I realized after 3 years that my calling was towards pregnancy and pediatrics but not through being a nurse. That’s when I moved to Houston, Texas in 2007 to be with my family, who relocated here due to Hurricane Katrina. I continued my education at Houston Baptist University where I received a Bachelors Degree of Science in Kinesiology. I wanted to be able to help people regain their health through nutrition and exercise and not rely on medicine. After being a personal trainer for a few years, I decided there has to be more I can do to continue to help people further.

Enter my introduction to chiropractic care. After much research, meeting chiropractors, and my first chiropractic adjustment I was changed. I attended Texas Chiropractic College in 2011 where I met my husband Dr. Tran and graduated in April 2015. My eyes were opened to so many amazing things, but mostly my passion for pregnancy and pediatrics was reignited. Yes! I can finally utilize my original passion for pregnancy and pediatrics but through chiropractic care. 

I continued my chiropractic education through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) where I received my pediatric certification from the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice's Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics (C.A.C.C.P). I am also Webster Certified and Activator Basic certified. I couldn’t imagine going through my four pregnancies with our kids without chiropractic care. I also made sure the kids were well adjusted after they were born.  My mission is to spread the knowledge and benefits of chiropractic care and health to families. I truly believe health begins before we’re born so I love taking care of families from preconception and beyond!

Of all the privileges in my life, being a mom is the greatest. Dr. Tran and I do everything we can to make sure our 4 kids live a happy, healthy and full life! We love taking the kids on family vacations, the park and food excursions. I also love vegan baking, practicing reformer pilates, using my Cricut (crafting), all things oily (Young Living) and reading. 

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