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Functional Nutrition

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you feeling stuck in a not ideal state of health and you don't know why? Even though you feel like you're doing everything "right". Or maybe you feel like you need a nudge in the right direction. We can help you find that missing piece in your care. Your body was designed to heal. It just needs the right building blocks!

Sometimes traditional lab test don’t dig deep enough into what may be going on with your health. We like doing functional testing to see if it may be gut issues, hormonal issues or food sensitivities that may be causing your health concerns.

Your health is our top priority. Let us design a customized care plan to get you healing from the inside out!

What all is entailed?

We will have a one on one conversation with you about your health goals and concerns. From there we can do blood, saliva or stool testing to dig deeper depending on your health needs.

Lab Tests Offered:

  • Blood draws at LabCorp 

  • GI-MAP (For digestive concerns)

  • Micronutrient Testing (Spectracell)

  • Allergy testing (Food & Environment)

  • Hormone Testing

  • Thyroid Testing

  • MTHFR and more


Report of Finding

After your consult and any lab work results return, we will set up a report of findings with you. Here we will go over any results, you will be given your plan of care with any supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

Care Plan

It takes 120 days to see change in the blood cause it takes 120 days for red blood cells to turn over (along with other cells). Expect to be on a care plan in 4 month stages. Don't worry, we'll be checking in with you during this time to keep you on track!

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